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StepOS - The open-source, dedicated StepMania operating system using a modified ReactOS kernel
Current version: 0.1pre Current status: pre-alpha
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What is StepOS?
StepOS is an operating system that can be burned to a disk, and installed on a computer. That computer can then be used to run a StepMania dedicated cabinet (arcade dance game). It is different from other solutions in that StepMania is integrated, and the system is tuned just for StepMania, unlike other general-purpose operating systems.

What stage of development is StepOS in?
StepOS is in a very experimental stage, and it isn't even ready for an alpha release. Instead of creating such an pre-alpha, barely operational release, we will first release the tools that will allow someone to create a StepOS-like system using either ReactOS or Windows, but without the complete operating system. The first of these tools, the StepMania launcher/package installer, is already ready and can be found here, and the source code for it here.

What version of StepMania does StepOS use?
StepOS currently uses the StepMania Online build of StepMania 3.95 CVS. When StepMania 4 is released, and not in a test build, it will replace 3.95 CVS as the StepMania build used by StepOS. Also note that StepOS is compatible with every build of StepMania, you only need to replace the installer bundled with StepOS. Read more about using other SM versions on the advanced setup page.

StepOS Team
Dririan - Lead developer/creator of StepOS
DJ X3N0 - Music artist for StepOS
Teal - Step artist for StepOS
iTSzGhos7 - Graphic designer for StepOS

Credits (people/groups that helped the development, but aren't part of the team)
ReactOS Team - Created the ReactOS kernel, which StepOS is based off of
StepMania Team - Created StepMania, which is the basis of StepOS
SourceForge - Hosts the StepOS project

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